Festival in Belgium displays cathedral made with 55 thousand LED lights

1606790847 Festival in Belgium displays cathedral made with 55 thousand LED

If you thought that churches were sacred places and that their structure could not be altered or compromised, you are wrong. To end the concept of bricks, cement or large stained glass windows characteristic of these monuments, 55 thousand LED lights were installed in a cathedral in Europe. Located in the city of Ghent (Belgium), … Read more

Scientists decode how the brain hears words

Science discover the time of day when you are most

American scientists announced on Wednesday that they had discovered the way the brain hears words. The researchers say this is a major step forward in helping people who have suffered paralysis or stroke to get back to communicating with others. According to the BBC, the technique, called functional magnetic resonance imaging, consists of placing electrodes … Read more

How will advertising adapt to TVs connected to the internet?

How will advertising adapt to TVs connected to the internet

Dominique Blanc * Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets … we spent the day browsing the web. It doesn’t matter the device or the screen size. The internet has taken over our daily lives and changed our habits of consuming information and content. This transformation marked the beginning of a new era for advertisers. However, another type … Read more

Google begins testing on mysterious ‘entertainment device’. What will it be?

Google begins testing on mysterious entertainment device What will it

It seems that newness comes by. According to the website Gigaom, Google made a request to the Federal Communications Commission (United States regulatory agency for telecommunications and broadcasting), or FCC, to test a mysterious technology related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The tests of the “entertainment device”, as it was called, must be carried out at … Read more

Science: why do we disgust things?

Science why do we disgust things

Have you ever stopped to think why some things make us feel disgusted? Rachael Herz, an American psychologist, wrote a book to better understand how disgust works. According to the website New Scientist, the author of the work That’s Disgusting (“This is disgusting”, in Portuguese) states that disgust is related to brain conditioning. To exemplify, … Read more