What would happen if you ate only one type of food your whole life?

When we were children, healthy foods were generally not our first choice. Or will you say that you would rather have a bowl of broccoli than eat hamburgers and fries? The fact is that, one day, we grew up and started to impose a more balanced diet on our daily lives, with less “junk food”, as our mothers said (and still do).

But have you ever thought about what could happen to your body if you ate only one type of food in your entire life? Well, depending on what you choose, believe me: it will be like a poison. According to Jo Ann Hattner, a nutritionist at Stanford University, even if you choose a type of fruit, vegetable or grain your whole life, it would cause some organs to die.

If you ate only meat, for example, your body would “eat” your muscles. And if you were left with just one type of food (except fruit), you would develop a serious case of scurvy, a disease that causes bleeding gums in your teeth.

This is what happened to a young English woman last week. According to the website LiveScience, 17-year-old Stacey Irvine had to be rushed to the hospital after eating chicken nuggets for the past 15 years. The young woman claims to have maintained this “diet”, which was occasionally interrupted by a packet of snacks or toast, since she was a child.

Vegetables and vegetables

Anyone who likes vegetables or vegetables should also keep an eye out, as not all of them have the nine essential amino acids for human beings to be able to form the necessary proteins. Most human cultures, however, have developed a diet centered on complementary vegetables, which together make up the necessary nine.

To get a sense, without these suitable amino acids, your hair would be lighter and your fingernails would be softer. Worse, your lean body mass would suffer, which means not only your muscles, but also your heart and organs. Basically, your heart would shrink so much that you would die, which already happens in extreme situations of anorexia.

Pasta and meat

Eating only one type of carbohydrate, such as bread or pasta, also causes the death of the body’s organs. In addition, as stated above, you are more likely to develop scurvy, due to a lack of vitamin C. Highly unethical experiments carried out with British and American prisoners in the 1940s proved that the disease occurs in one to eight months without the vitamin C. Finally, strange spots appear on the skin and become larger wounds. Soon thereafter comes fever, tooth loss and death.

For carnivores on duty, the message is also super valid, since most meats do not have many carbohydrates, nor vitamin C. Without carbohydrates, their muscle mass starts to break down to get energy – remembering that “muscle” covers any part of your body, including your organs.

Breast milk

In the midst of all this, however, there is an element that has everything, but that is not for sale in supermarkets: breast milk. The “food” is complete, and offers all the necessary nutrients to humans. It is worth remembering that, for its formula to take effect – in babies, of course – milk cannot be mixed with solid foods during the breastfeeding period, in the child’s first year of life.

For Jo Ann Hattner, an adult could theoretically live on human milk. The only difficulty would be finding a woman who wants to provide this. Without this option, the second most viable is the milk of other mammals, especially if it is fermented, as is the case with yogurt, which has many good bacteria for the intestinal tract.


And if you think this is all speculation, you’re wrong. In many parts of the world, people have no choice but to eat a single food for several years – rice being, in most cases. To reverse a degenerative process in their organisms, scientists are developing genetically modified grains that contain more vitamins and nutrients, especially vitamin A, to combat malnutrition. In addition, these researches are increasingly improving the understanding of food in the space travel universe.

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