Tumblr has humor editors to ensure fun content

To guarantee laughter in many of the 17 billion posts that Tumblr has, the site has a team of writers, comedians and comedians to make sure fun posts are always tagged with the expression “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud, or, Dando laugh loudly, in Portuguese).

Jake Fogelnest, comedy writer, DJ, producer and actor, is part of the team, which has 25 other members. These publishers are responsible for filtering the content that enters the tag. “I’m a little obsessive. I spend all day with a Tumblr window open,” says Jake, according to the Mashable.

The editors have an extra button, shaped like a star, which is next to the heart and the reblog button. With this function, they can promote 10 daily posts to enter the tag “LOL”. Jake explains that he tries to focus on the audience: “Is this funny just for me or will it be funny for everyone?” He explains.

As the so-called memes, that is, funny and viral content, are born and die every day, the team must always be connected in everything that happens on the internet. Jake also explains that he is also concerned with promoting original content so as not to risk repeating the posts.

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