To not go hungry at Campus Party, you have to have (a lot) money!

This year’s Campus Party has more options for places to eat than the 2011 edition. However, even with several stalls and even a restaurant per kilo available, campuseiros find it difficult to eat well. The problem, mainly, money.

According to Dnis Sena, from Curitiba (PR), only this Tuesday (07/02) he spent almost R $ 80 in food. That’s because he chose to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. “At lunch I ate at the kilo and spent almost R $ 40; at dinner I ordered pizzas with some friends. Other than that, I bought a lot of water and spent about R $ 20 s on drinks. The price is abusive”, he says.

Despite the high cost, Dnis says the restaurant is good. The variety of dishes is good and the ingredients are quality. However, the problem is that the space is too small to accommodate so many hungry campers and visitors. Because of this and also the rush of the event, many campers opt for “fast food”. Leandro Jonk, from Joinville (SC), says that since Monday (06/02) only ate sandwiches and, even so, he has spent about R $ 50 a day. “Usually I eat right, I eat rice, beans and meat. But here, in the middle of the rush, I end up picking up something fast. I think it’s expensive, but there’s not much to do”, he comments.


A combo with X-Salad, soda and candy goes for around R $ 15. But, according to Leonardo Dias, from So Paulo (SP), satiety does not last long. Every two hours, he ends up buying something to “chew” like aa, one of the favorite delicacies among campers. Each pot of aa does not sell for less than R $ 5 and, according to Maria Menezes, seller of the delicacy, the prices have increased a lot. “In the neighborhood where we normally sell, the pot costs R $ 3. We have four AA carts for the event and we have been selling a lot”, he says. “We increased the price because we hired more people for sales”, he adds.


With the excess of soft drinks, snacks and hamburgers, food also leaves something to be desired in terms of health. However, Leonardo says he makes up for his diet with exercise. He didn’t bring any fitness equipment or take walks in the morning. His exercise and that of all the campeiros locomood it from one side to the other inside Anhembi. Campus Party is established in an area of ​​76 thousand square meters, divided between Zona Expo (open to the general public), Arena (where lectures take place), and space reserved for tents. The space between the stages is large, in addition to the restrooms and food stalls being removed from the main tables, so you can get tired. ” more than at home “, joked Leonardo.


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