“Smart garbage cans” will show news about London’s financial market

The English company Renew has just found a new utility for recyclable garbage cans. Called the “smart can”, the invention is a common trash can, but it transmits information and news about the world of finance and economics through screens.

The cans were placed in the city of London, England and have 2 LCD screens, one on each side of the device. In addition to LCD screens, the cans are equipped with a Wi-Fi signal and cost about 30 thousand (about R $ 66 thousand) each, including production and installation. Plans include, according to Robin Hepburn, director of financial communications firm Waugton, to increase the number of smart can units to 75 by the London Olympics. Today, there are 25 cans scattered throughout the city, Daily Mail.

Smart cans broadcast news about corporations, finances, general headlines and interspersed updates on meteorology, sports, fashion, art, travel and entertainment, from 6 am to 11:59 pm.

They will also be useful, for example, in the event of catastrophes or emergency situations. The cans will transmit alerts and updates that come directly from emergency services.

It seems that the idea has everything to travel the world, since cities like New York, Tokyo and Singapore are interested in the devices. Robin says New York has already agreed to test one of the devices in Manhattan. They will also be tested on the Tokyo and Singapore subways.

It is expected to spend around 500 thousand (about R $ 1.1 million) in each can, during the 21 years of the contract.

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