Secret FBI dossier points out that Steve Jobs was investigated by George Bush

a secret dossier made by the FBI with 191 pages leaked on the internet. The document was aimed at investigating none other than Steve Jobs. According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, in 1991, during the term of George HW Bush, the co-founder of Apple was in a “sensitive” position in front of the White House.

The document was based on interviews conducted by secret agents with friends and college colleagues of the businessman. According to the newspaper, the dossier shows that people considered him a drug user, a liar and negligent when caring for his family. Other people said that he distorted the truth in order to achieve his goals and that he was overbearing, in addition to being frank and honest.

The dossier was edited so as not to reveal the names or other personal details of the interviewees.

To see the complete file, click on here.

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