Most downloaded singer was also the one that most sold CDs in 2011

A survey conducted in England showed that London is the British capital of piracy, meaning that the city had the highest number of illegal torrent music downloads in the country. According to the The Telegraph, the top 1 of piracy is the singer Adele, who in addition to being the artist who sold the most CDs in 2011 in the country, was also the most downloaded singer in the six main cities in England. With her are Bruno Mars and Jessie J.

“There are 3 types of people who listen to music: those who download, those who buy CDs and those who do both. It is no surprise that artists who sold many CDs last year are also the most popular on illegal download sites. a correlation between success and downloads, “explains Mark Mulligan, an independent music analyst and staff at Forrest Research, a research firm.

Mark also comments that people who buy music should disappear, which is why record companies need to look at other revenue models. “The internet, for example, is a big and successful model that needs to be explored”, he concludes.

The survey was done by the site Musicmetric, a service that performs independent music analysis and collects data through illegal download sites.

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