Mattel to manufacture “Back to the Future II” Hoverboard

Fans of “Back to the Future”, stay tuned: Mattel, the famous toy maker, will produce the Hoverboard, one of the cones in volume 2 of the series. But, calm down. It is just a full-size replica. He doesn’t slide out, like in the movie.

Mattel jokes that the Hoverboard includes original sounds and “glide under most surfaces (don’t ‘glide’ really – come back in 2015 for this feature)” and “doesn’t work on water”. According to the Slash Gear, the product will be manufactured after they have a “minimum order required”.


The pre-sale of the Hoverboard will start on March 1 and go until the 20th of the same month. If the minimum number of sales is reached, the product will be delivered in November or December 2012. If not, “it will not go into production and consumers will not be refunded”.

The price has not yet been released, which should occur this month.

And, is it worth it to risk your money?

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