Kinect application allows you to view the interior of the human body

As you already know, Kinect, from Microsoft, acquired many more functions than the simple gameplay with the movement of the body by Xbox 360. And look that the options go several: make bank transactions; make slide shows; have fun in a 4D theme park; manipulate 3D images; try on clothes virtually.

Now, a new feature has attracted attention, also with the use of Kinect. Students at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) decided to return to using the device for educational purposes through a project called “Mirracle”. The Microsoft device, coupled with an augmented reality application, is used as a kind of “magic mirror” capable of making people see what’s inside their bodies – bones, muscles and even X-ray plates, for example.

The images resemble MRI and ultrasound exams. Once positioned in front of the special TV, the user can direct which part of the body he wants to see inside and, during the “game”, move a cursor along the arms, chest, abdomen and other locations.

In addition, the individual can access a menu with various information about the body’s systems and find out about each of them, both through texts and illustrated photographs.

In the video below, which describes Mirracle’s features well, the researchers mention that the product’s interactive display is not as intuitive because it is transparent, which can cause difficulties in use and also in the results. The tip, in this case, would be to replace it with a more frosted type of glass, which would make the experience more realistic and practical. However, the proposal is quite futuristic, and would be an interesting way to obtain medical reports from patients.

Microsoft Cheers Medicine Kinect Curiosities

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