Imagine a cell phone that identifies whether the user is depressed

Scientists at the University of Medicine of Chicago (United States) are working on a cell phone that can identify when users are depressed, according to the website Mashable. The smart device would be able to suggest a person looking for friends or someone to talk to.
Called Mobilyze, the device is still being developed, but research carried out in previous production studies indicated that the cell phone could help reduce the signs of depression.

According to the website, the device could identify depression thanks to a sensor that interprets the location, level of activity (via accelerometer), social context and mood. “By encouraging people to behave more pleasantly, whenever there are signs of depression, it is possible to improve their quality of life,” said David Mohr, one of those responsible for the study. “This creates a cycle of positive feedbacks, because the person is encouraged to find friends, have fun and be happy again. Staying in a case alone has the opposite effect,” he concluded.

“Toleading people toincreasebehaviors that arenice € ‹€‹ orgratifying, we believe thatMobilyze!goimprove mood“,said the psychologistDavidMohr, director ofnew CenterTechnologybehavioral interventionand teacher ofpreventive medicine inNorthwesternFeinbergSchoolin a statement.“It createsa feedback looppositive.Some encouraged tosee friends thenhave funand wantdo it again.Ruminatingalone at homehas the opposite effectand makesa downward spiral“he concluded.

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