Grandma 100 years old gives recipe for longevity: video games!

Do physical exercise? Have a healthy diet? Do tric or attend the balls of nostalgia? I don’t think so. Well, if you don’t understand anything, because you still don’t know the British Kathleen Connell, nicknamed “Kit”. The friendly grandma, who lives in the city of East Renfrewshire (Scotland), turned 100 last week.

So, nothing much. But an interview for the newspaper The Telegraph has given a lot to talk about, since Kit says that in addition to carrying out many activities to keep the brain always in shape, video games – more specifically his Nintendo DS Lite, red and black – are the main reason to keep his mind fast during the past few years.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m 100 years old, but I feel like I’m still 80, as I keep a lot of health and keep my brain active with my Nintendo,” said the old lady, who said she played all days for a few hours, including breaks for tea.

She also stated that it would be interesting if children had a portable video game in schools, as it would be a more fun way to learn math and spelling, for example.

Kit has more than a dozen games for the laptop, mostly all casual and themed in puzzles and logic. According to the report, his favorite games are those of the Brain Age series, which, by the way, gave him a “brain age” of 64 years, more than thirty years less than his real age. Watch the interview below (in English):

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