Google begins testing on mysterious ‘entertainment device’. What will it be?

It seems that newness comes by. According to the website Gigaom, Google made a request to the Federal Communications Commission (United States regulatory agency for telecommunications and broadcasting), or FCC, to test a mysterious technology related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The tests of the “entertainment device”, as it was called, must be carried out at the company’s employees’ home in four North American cities.

This gives rise to several interpretations. What exactly is the search giant developing? Why the need for a federal license? Does Google plan to manufacture its own devices? Maybe, maybe not. It is speculated that it is some kind of peripheral power box – equipment that connects to a television and a signal source, and turns it into content to be watched – or new tools for Google TV.

The announcement of the mysterious device was made in December and said: “Google is developing an entertainment device that requires testing outside the lab. The feature is still only a prototype and will be modified for final compliance research. Users will interconnect their platforms on home Wi-Fi networks and use Bluetooth to connect to other electronic equipment around the house. This test line will reveal real engineering and reliability problems of the networks, analyzing the performance and stability of the residential Wi-Fi signals, which will support the device. From there, we hope to modify the product’s design in order to maximize the user experience. “

Google asked the FCC to test 252 devices between January 17 through July 17 in Mountain View, California, New York, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Los Angeles. So far, there is no more information about the new technology.

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