Game developer “Plants VS. Zombies” can sue Globo for plagiarism

It has been a few weeks since TV Globo started running ads related to its browser game, entitled “Mission: Biome“, where the goal is to use caricatures of nature” weapons “against enemies, also caricatures, that represent urban pollution. The gameplay consists of positioning your weapons at strategic points on the screen, so that they automatically react against the approaching threats.

Sounds familiar? Popcap thinks so, considering that this is the company behind Plants VS. Zombies, one of the most popular games on the AppStore and already has versions for Android and desktop consoles. Except for the difference that plants, in the case of Popcap, attack zombies, everything else is quite similar.

O Digital Look tested both games and, upon finding the similarities, sought out Popcap, producer of Plants VS. Zombies, for clarification. Garth Chouteau, senior director of public relations for the company, said: “We place a high value on our intellectual property and have already notified our legal department to take appropriate action. All we can say at the moment.”

Sought by our team, Globo did not give us an opinion on the matter. See below the comparative images, being, on the left, the game of Rede Globo and, on the right, the title of Popcap (for more resolution, click here and here).


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