Festival in Belgium displays cathedral made with 55 thousand LED lights

If you thought that churches were sacred places and that their structure could not be altered or compromised, you are wrong. To end the concept of bricks, cement or large stained glass windows characteristic of these monuments, 55 thousand LED lights were installed in a cathedral in Europe.

Located in the city of Ghent (Belgium), the monument called Luminarie de Cagna, attracted a crowd of spectators during the Light Festival 2012, which took place last week. According to the websiteColossal, the building is 28 meters high and its facilities were created from wood and lights, which use 20 kilowatts of energy every hour.

The idea for lighting came from the company that gave its name to the project, Luminarie de Carga, which decided to pay homage to the buildings of the Renaissance period. The company of Italian origin, founded in 1930, is one of the most traditional organizations for using light effects in buildings on various festive occasions. He started with candles, and today he uses the LED for his creations.


Below you can watch a video with excerpts from the numerous installations of the Light Festival, including the cathedral of lights:

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