Father kills two people after deleting his daughter from Facebook

A crime committed in the state of Tennessee (United States) proves how dangerous social networks can be in the hands of the wrong people. Marvin Potter, 60, murdered a couple because they both deleted their daughter, Janelle Potter, from Facebook.

Janelle chased the couple after the end of the virtual friendship and her father decided to help her. Marvin then went over to Billy Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth, accompanied by his son-in-law, Jamie Curd, and shot them both. According to the news agencyAssociated Press, the couple’s baby, just 8 months old, was found alive by the police in her mother’s hands.

Both the girl’s father and boyfriend were charged with murder on Wednesday. The crime was discovered by a neighbor about 5 hours later. Curt’s bond was set at $ 1.5 million and Potter’s, which was postponed for another two weeks, has an initial value of $ 200,000.

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