Facebook launches app that turns your timeline into a movie

Now there’s no way, and Facebook made it very clear: the Timeline will be mandatory for all users. Even though less than 10% of Internet users have disapproved of the new interface of the social network – it may even include you who are reading this -, there are ways to make using the new tools more fun.

Facebook launched this Monday (01/30), in partnership with the American agency Definition6, an application that captures the content of the timeline – photos, videos and texts – and creates a video clip with all the content already posted on your account. social network. The video lasts approximately one minute, and can be done with any user – as long as you are registered on the site, of course.

The service, called Timeline Movie Marker, is only available in English, French, Spanish and German. To create the clip, it is necessary to enter your login and password, and allow access to the data published on your timeline. That done, the application will search for all your posts on the network, and you can even choose from five background songs to add to the project.

At the end of the content mapping, if you didn’t like it, you can change some of the main images included in your presentation, in addition to the soundtrack. After completing their modifications, Internet users can share the videos with their friends on Facebook.

Another way to make your timeline cooler is to make it your own, through custom templates. To watch the video with various tips from sites that offer this service,click here.

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