Facebook is “opening its head” to advertising

It seems that Facebook is changing its attitude towards the advertising market. According to the news agencyReuters, Mark Zuckerberg realized that before placing the shares for initial public offering (IPO), he needed to create a broader relationship with the agencies.

In fact, his reluctance to fill the social network with ads seen by many as one of the reasons why Facebook prospered while the great rival of its early days, MySpace, expired. Sorrell, chief executive of the WPP group, the largest network of advertising agencies in the world.

In the past, the young entrepreneur did not give much thought to commercials. That’s because the founder of Facebook saw social networking as a way to connect people and not business. But this relationship started to change after the company hired Caroline Everson, who ran Microsoft’s worldwide advertising. The choice of an experienced executive in the area gave indications that the site was beginning to be interested in working together with advertising agencies.

The approximation process with the agencies intensified even more when the social network saw that 85% of its total revenue (US $ 3.7 billion or about R $ 6.2 billion) in 2011 came from advertising. “Things have changed a lot in the past 12 months,” commented Michael Hayes, president of digital advertising at the Initiative. “I see clear intensification of interest [do Facebook] to work with us “, he concluded.

Advertising industry sources identify David Fischer, Facebook’s worldwide vice president of business and marketing partnerships and Blake Chandlee, worldwide vice president of agency relations, as the people who will lead Facebook’s seduction offensive.

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