Couple sets up Facebook poll to choose daughter’s name

Whoever was or will still be a father or mother, certainly faces doubts or difficulties when choosing a name for the future baby. In order to end this dilemma, a couple from the city of Illinois (United States) opened a Facebook poll for their friends, family and even strangers to help them choose, among the three options available, the child’s name.

Dave and Lindsey Meske, 27 and 24, respectively, had already decided on the name if the baby was a boy. But, as the ultrasound exams proved that they were expecting a girl, the couple decided to ask for help from users of the social network, creating a poll called “Name My Child” (“Name my baby”).

According to the website Huffington Post, the couple was in doubt between four names: McKenna, Madelyn, Emily and Addilynne. More than 4,000 people voted in the poll and 1,310 of them chose Madelyn. Second was Emily (1,265 votes) and, third, McKenna (983 votes). Addilyne came in last with 687 votes.

“As Facebook has taken up a large space in our culture, it seemed like the best place to get help,” explained Dave network Chicago CBS.

Madelyn Rae Meske was born on January 31 and can be considered the first child to be “baptized” by Facebook. Now the couple created a page on the site with the same name as the old poll, where she posts photos of her daughter.

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