Brazil becomes the 2nd largest country in number of Twitter users

O Semiocast, French research institute, announced on Monday (01/30) that Brazil surpassed Japan in number of Twitter users. Now, we are the 2 country with more accounts on the microblog.

As of January 1, 2012, 33.3 million Brazilian accounts were registered on Twitter. a small number compared to the number of users that the United States has – about 108 million, corresponding to 28.7% of all microblog accounts.

However, despite having fewer users than Brazil, Japan still wins in terms of activity. 30% of the profiles posted at least 1 tweet between September and November 2011. Here, 25% did the same.

Behind Brazil, there is Japan, with 29.9 million, or the United Kingdom and Indonesia, with 23.8 million and 19.5 million, respectively.

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