Boy addicted to games dies after spending 23 hours playing on the computer

Young Chen Rong-yu, 23, died last Wednesday (01/02) after spending 23 straight hours playing on a computer. Sky News, the taiwans were in a cyber café in the city of New Taipei and participated in a marathon of “League of Legends”, a popular game inspired by a map of “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne”.

Investigations point out that the low temperature (currently winter in Taiwan), combined with physical tiredness, the long sitting without exercise and, probably, an inadequate diet, caused a fulminant heart attack in the young man, possibly due to blood clots that interrupted the circulation. blood.

According to the local waitress, Chen was seen alive around noon on February 1, while talking on the phone. However, people only realized that the man died about nine hours after the death, on Thursday night (02/02). There were about 30 people in the cyber café.

Chen’s family said that in September 2011, the boy was being treated for heart problems. Below is a video:

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