Apple refunds users who had hacked iTunes Store accounts

Some iTunes Store users have recently begun to be reimbursed after a series of thefts made at the Apple online store that wiped out some people’s accounts, according to the websiteCNET.

Some users posted messages in the company’s support area claiming that their iTunes accounts had been hacked. Purchases were made with gift cards and with the credit card linked to the account.

The big problem with the iTunes Store is that an account can be accessed without permission and all gift cards and linked cards can be used for app purchases. In addition, personal data can also be used elsewhere.

So far, the manufacturer has not yet clarified what happened. When questioned about the matter, Apple published a general statement that did not explain the thefts. “Apple takes precautions to protect personal information from loss, theft and misuse, as well as protects improper access, alteration or destruction of the account “, said the statement.

Despite this, some users reported that, after contacting them, the company acknowledged that there were irregularities in the account and refunded the stolen credits.

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