App shows if you are drunk just with the mapping of your eyes

Taking care of fundamental health, and we know that alcohol, when consumed in excess, can cause serious damage to our body. This applies even more when we talk about drinking and driving, a dangerous practice that continues with total strength in awareness campaigns.

But how do you know if you drink enough to drive the car? Your problems to avoid this situation, dear internet user, seem to be over. After more than 40 years of research, which has studied various aspects of human behavior under the influence of alcohol, scientists have created an application capable of telling whether you are or are drunk, and whether or not you are able to drive a vehicle after drinking.

Called BreathalEyes, the service uses state-of-the-art technology to make a quick diagnosis of individuals through the collection of information from the eyes. According to the websites Discovery News and Dvice, the operation of the device is very simple: with the smartphone camera positioned in front of the person’s eyes, the application records its vibrations when looking to the side and keeping its gaze fixed. Through this reading, BreathalEyes can ensure that the user is drunk and can drive.

This ocular feature is not analyzed in vain. Researchers have observed that, in some people, the human pupil is able to move quickly and involuntarily, which can denounce the existence of a considerable amount of alcohol in the body. This behavior known as HGN (or Horizontal Nystagmus).

The results are displayed on the cell phone screen, with the alcohol percentage level and data on the HGN. In addition, a message appears that will tell you whether or not you are able to drive a vehicle.

Although it seems to be very useful to planting “manguaas”, Rob Andrews, one of the developers of BreathalEyes, warns that nystagmus can also be caused by some disease in the brain, sedative effect or stroke and, to the exclusion of these problems, is present in individuals with high blood alcohol content. Andrews also points out that the app was made for entertainment purposes only, without any kind of scientific or medical relationship.

Today, BreathalEyes is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and can be purchased at App Store for $ 0.99. The service will be launched for Android devices until the end of the year.

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