Wife discovers husband is married because of Facebook friend suggestion

A 41-year-old American was accused by his current partner of practicing bigamy – marrying someone else while already married to someone – after Mark Zuckerberg’s social network suggested that the boy’s ex-wife add his new wife as a friend, informed the Daily Mail.

Alan O’Neill, whose original name Alan Fulk, was tried in Pierce County, Washington, on March 22, because his ex-wife – who was still officially married to him – discovered through Facebook that the accused had changed his mind. name and was married again.

Fulk married his first wife in 2001, but left home eight years later, although neither asked for a divorce. In December 2011, he changed his name to O’Neill and, in the same month, he married his second partner (without the first being aware of the marriage).

Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist said the first woman discovered the existence of the new wife when Facebook recommended her as a new “friendship” on the social network, under the option “People you may know”. Clicking on the photo, the ex-wife saw her ex-husband with his new partner, wearing party attire, next to a wedding cake. She then called his mother.

“An hour later, the ru (O’Neill) arrived at the ex-wife’s apartment, and she asked several times if they were divorced. The ru said ‘no, we’re still married’,” according to the prosecution’s documents released by the newspaper. News Tribune, in Tacoma, in northeastern Washington.

O’Neill asked not to discuss the fact with his new wife, but she alerted the authorities. “It is not the crime of the century, but a crime,” Lindquist told the newspaper.

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