Wife discovers death of husband, soldier in Afghanistan, on Facebook

American Ariell Taylor-Brown discovered via Facebook that her husband, a soldier in the United States army who was on a mission in Afghanistan, had died.

Ariell was browsing the social network when she received messages from a platoon colleague from her husband, asking her to call him urgently, as it was an emergency. So she learned that Sergeant Christopher Brown had been killed by a bomb.


(Ariell Taylor-Brown, learned that she had become a widow on Facebook)

The woman says that “she was with her children and was completely stunned”, according to the CNet. Ariell already had two children with the military and was pregnant with one more. The widow had spoken to her husband a few hours before the news using Skype, a video chat tool. She says he had been in the Arab country for just a week.

However, what happened between Chris’s colleague and his wife goes against the rules of the army, which instruct soldiers not to report any deaths before the closest relative finds out. The deceased’s friends may face a military court.

The case is being investigated by the army to ascertain the circumstances of the incident.

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