What would Google and Bing pages look like if search engines were created in the 1980s?

Anyone who remembers modem connections and the old BBS providers, will identify with a project by the developer Nobert Landsteiner: he decided to leave Google and Bing with more nostalgic faces and created the Google it’s the Bing BBS, which are the search pages of companies, only modified according to ASCII standards – images created by letters, numbers and symbols.

In Google BBS, for example, the user controls the searcher using the keyboard, since it was not common to use the mouse in the 80’s. One key does the normal search and another uses the famous option “I’m feeling lucky” from Google. In Bing BBS, there is an option to search for images. In both cases, if there is a single result, the user is automatically redirected. If there are more than two, it uses keyboard numbers to decide which result to open.


(Google BBS and Bing BBS, the most famous search engines with an 80s look)

That famous noise that was emitted when we connected over the phone line is also present here, giving another hint of nostalgia to Google and Bing BBS. Data, search engine logos and the main news of the day also appear on the homes.

To play, just click on here or on here.

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