What would cities be like if you were the last person on earth?

Will the apocalypse happen? Should we prepare? What will we do when the time comes? These questions are constantly portrayed in different ways in the movies: end of the Mayan world, zombie, extraterrestrial, some ancient plague or virus, in short, possibilities are not lacking.

But what if one of these hypotheses really did come true? What if you wake up and discover that all of humanity has been wiped out, leaving only you on the planet? This is what a pair of artists imagined when creating a series of photographs that record what the last human being on Earth would be like, walking through the largest cities in the world, including London, Paris, New York and Beijing.

The pair used a special filter that allows the removal of objects such as people and cars in large exposures / environments. This technique is even used by NASA to analyze the stars.

Entitled “Silent World”, the project shows cities completely empty, except for one or two people. even the sensation of seeing the metropolis is strange, always so busy, devoid of movement or life.

To learn more, visit the artists website and below you can watch a video with all the photos compiled.

Silent world from Lucie & Simon on Vimeo.

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