Watch the epic launch trailer for Mass Effect 3

The time has come to follow the outcome of yet another successful trilogy in the gaming world! Bioware released the last trailer before the worldwide launch of Mass Effect 3, which takes place this Tuesday (06/03). The title arrives simultaneously for Xbox 360, PCs and PlayStation 3.

The new trailer is full of peaks and shows a greater vision of the challenge faced by Commander Shepard and his team, who will have to face the biggest enemies to save planet Earth. Watch:

To close the biggest saga of RPG created in the current generation, the producers promise that the final episode of the trilogy will be the biggest, best and most exciting that players have ever seen in the series. The game starts with the Earth being invaded by gigantic enemies called Reapers, until we are driven back into space, with the protagonist Sheppard leaving in search of other races to face and defeat the threat of the invaders once and for all. The character even learned new skills, moves more carefully and performs melee blows, in addition to having a new arsenal of weapons.

Something interesting is that the decisions made by Commander Sheppard in the previous two games will influence the entire history of Mass Effect 3, with around a thousand variable endings. The multiplayer mode will also have new features, starting with the name: “Galaxy at War”, where players will have the possibility to create a unique character, develop it and explore the universe of Mass Effect with other friends. Incidentally, the cooperative mode does not compromise the gamers’ experience in the single player.

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