Video mapping with 200,000 portraits of children will decorate Buckingham Palace

THE Prince Foundation for Children and Art, an organization created by the Prince of Wales, in the United Kingdom, is preparing an incredible project at Buckingham Palace, London. At the exhibition, 200,000 self-portraits made by children will be displayed, along with images of Queen Elizabeth II herself.

From the 18th to the 21st of April, from 20: 30h to 23: 30h (16: 30h to 19: 30h, time in Braslia), the Palace will be filled with children’s drawings with the help of 24 projectors, filling the facade of the building with colors and lights, according to own foundation website. Only the Queen’s photos will have a size of 15×10 meters.


The children who drew the drawings are 16 years old or younger and have been working with the prints for about 6 months. The drawings will form a large montage with the Queen’s images. Another 18 places were chosen to broadcast the project live.


“We had to receive authorization from the Queen, of course, because we will be designing her house in front of her,” says Jeremy Newton, CEO of the Face Britain project: “I am very happy to say that Your Majesty loved the idea”, according to BBC website.

Click on here to see more images of the exhibition.

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