Vertical cemetery in Ecuador will have internet and webcams spread across the floors

The city of Quito, Ecuador, will have a modern 9-story building – but it will not be just any building. It will be the first large vertical cemetery in the Americas, and will be able to house the remains of up to 24,000 people. The “tech cemetery” will also have internet connection and webcams spread across the floors, so that family members can feel close to their loved ones when accessing the images via the web.

Called “Memorial Necrpole”, the building was built with exposed bricks and dark glass. There, there will be 35 cm urns that will be organized in rows and columns, ranging from floor to ceiling, according to Folha website. In them, the remains of people will be placed.

The polls can be viewed online and at any time. In addition to helping relatives to miss their homesickness, the system helps those who are unable to attend funerals. Now, they can attend the ceremony via video-conference.

The building will also have a chapel, cafeteria, daycare, emotional help room and the “last goodbye” room for the dead person to leave before the coffin goes to the cremation process. There are also psychologists available and the building meets all environmental standards.

The “Memorial Necrpole” will be officially opened on March 15th. Workers are still working there, despite the ashes of around 500 dead in the cemetery.

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