Twitter knows more about you than you think

Twitter knows a lot more about you than you think. This is what two microblogging engineers said. According to the newspaperThe New York Times, engineers said they can know when a user is sleeping, for example, just by watching the drop in messages sent to the service.

According to the publication, they analyzed messages sent to service in major cities around the world and found that users in Istanbul, Turkey, did not sleep much in August last year. New Yorkers send more messages at work than at night , while the residents of Tokyo do the opposite, tweet more at home and use the work to actually produce.


Already one of the conclusions of the engineers related to the paulistanos is not exactly true. They stated that many users from So Paulo like to nap during the afternoon, as this is the period of the day when Paulistanos least tweet. However, the practice of post-lunch nap, known as “siesta”, is not very common among Brazilians.

According to the engineers, these studies can be used to help sell ads on Twitter. Information about the longest usage time of the microblog is important for advertisers to better choose the time of day when an advertisement should appear on the microblog.

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