Tumblr starts showing ads

Although extremely popular, Tumblr is a tool that causes problems for its developers. that the service has yet to find a way to make a profit, and therefore ended up giving out advertising, according to CNET.

The advertising platform is expected to go live this week. In order to display the brand on the service, interested companies must commit to spending at least $ 25,000. Ads must be approved by Tumblr before they go live.

Advertising will not initially invade users’ posts. It is displayed in two ways. One, on Tumblr Radar, show ads on the Tumblr engine that displays the most popular and interesting posts. The other, called Spotlight, will show ads in the middle of a list of suggested accounts to be followed by users.

Tumblr resisted the ads a lot, but in the end it gave way. About a month ago, CEO David Karp said it was better to sell the company’s desks than to put advertising on Tumblr, and that the service was looking for other ways to make revenue.

Last week, President John Maloney announced that he would leave the company. There is no information if his output has anything to do with the novelty.


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