‘The Artist’ dog is Nintendo’s new star. Watch the commercial

It was a success at the Oscar 2012. It attracted the attention of photographers and other artists who passed the red carpet. But it’s not a famous actor we’re talking about, but the cute puppy Uggie, who stole the show during the film world awards for the film “The Artist”, winner of five Oscar statuettes (including the best film).

Now, Uggie has triggered a new job: from the black and white screens, the dog is in front of a Nintendo 3DS advertisement to promote the game Nintendogs + Cats, which simulates the breeding of dogs and cats. The commercial appears to have been quite pleasing, since Nintendo said in a statement that it has sold 4.5 million units of the laptop in the United States since its launch on March 27, 2011. The number represents almost double the sales of its predecessor , the Nintendo DS.

In the video, the dog does training for his first day at work as a Nintendo spokesperson, including testing the Japanese company’s laptop, checking the game’s insert and even taking a break for a snack. And guess who the boss of Uggie? Of course, it couldn’t be another character other than Nintendo’s big star. Watch below:

The Nintendo 3DS laptop arrived in Brazilian stores in July last year, four months after its launch in the USA. The two-screen video game has a plug compatible with the Brazilian standard, support and manual in Portuguese, including warranty from Nintendo and the local distributor, Gaming do Brasil.

In addition to running 3D games on its special screen, the successor to the Nintendo DS can shoot three-dimensional images. Today, the laptop sells for around R $ 800, almost half of Sony’s recently launched PlayStation Vita, which landed in the country for a salty R $ 1,699.

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