Tetris can become a film – Olhar Digital

The collective of artists Warialasky, which produces videos for YouTube, is raising the idea of ​​a film about the classic Tetris. Who does not remember the game in which the blocks fall from the sky and were the person to unfold to fit them in the empty holes left by the other pieces?

The game was popularized in 1989, when the Japanese Nintendo decided to include a Tetris cartridge in the launch of the Game Boy. It was a simple puzzle, whose objective was to build and, hopefully, also to destroy the walls that were being formed. It soon became mania.

After several years of neglect, Tetris resurfaces – now in the form of a horror film. The routine of the city and its citizens gets in the way when gigantic blocks start to fall from the skies, causing chaos and panic. This is the premise of the trailer-pardia created by the collective. And if the response to the video is good, they say, everything will be done to get a feature film off the ground. Does it give broth? See for yourself:

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