System allows you to feed your dog through Twitter

Nat Morris, passionate about dogs and the computer, invented a way to feed his pet using Twitter. According to the website Daily Mail, Morris created a system that activates his Border Terrier, Toby’s food dispenser, every time he sends a message to the @feedtoby profile.

“Toby loves it. At first he didn’t quite understand what was going on. Now, he sits in front of the pot, wagging his tail, and waits for his food,” he says.

The inventor also developed a way for the profile to only feed his dog at certain times of the day. In this way, he ensures that other people, while playing on Twitter, do not give excess food to Toby. To complete the invention, Morris even installed a camera in his house to be able to monitor his kitchen and check if the system is feeding the animal right.

Since @feedtoby was so successful among his friends, Morris thinks about patenting the solution and marketing it, since people could feed their pets from anywhere in the world.


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