Swedish Church preaches that CTRL + C and CTRL + V are its ‘greatest God’

Do you know the church of Kopimism? The name may seem strange, and the proposal is even more curious. This is because the entity “preaches” file sharing and represents its greatest God by the symbols CTRL + C and CTRL + V – the famous “copy” and “paste” on the keyboard shortcut.

The idea came from a 19-year-old young philosophy student in Sweden, who decided to open the church to defend the sacred right to share files on the internet. And anyone who thinks the project is a joke is mistaken: Swedish authorities approved and recognized Kopimism as a real religion earlier this year. Since then, Isak Gerson, creator of the institution, has been going to the church to receive thousands of followers all over the world.

The most recent members of this novelty are a pair that performed their first marriage under the commandments of the faith. In a video, religion claims that newlyweds should “copy and remix their DNA cells to create a new human being”.

Among other ideals of the Kopimism church are:

– Copying of information is typically legal
– The sacred digital copy because it expands and increases the wealth of information
– Copying or remixing information from other people is seen as an act of respect and a strong expression of acceptance by the Kopimistic faith
– The sacred internet
– The code is the law

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