Superman: smartphones can see through objects, says study

Soon, x-ray vision will no longer be exclusive to Clark Kent, Superman. It sounds like it, but researchers from University of Dallas, in the United States, conducted a study that shows that smartphones will be able to see through the wall!

The study takes into account two key points. The first is the use of a band not used in the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, the length of the energy wave, such as AM and FM bands on the radio or those of the microwave device. This strip, which is inaccessible to consumers and called terahertz, is located between microwaves and infrared rays, which allows the device to “penetrate” objects, something similar to the x-ray, according to university’s own website.

Here comes the second key point, that of a new microchip. It uses CMOS technology (or complementary metal oxide semiconductor, in PT-BR), a sensor that will capture the terahertz signal and create the images through the wall.

This technology can also reduce the price of lenses and the size of cell phone cameras: “CMOS is affordable and can be used to produce many chips. Combining CMOS with terahertz means you can put them in a cell phone and transform them it in a device that you can see through objects and that fits in your pocket “, says Kenneth O, professor of electrical engineering and leader of the study.

In practical results, the technology can be used to replace x-ray examinations in medicine or even to check forged notes in stores and banks or documents in cartridges. But, can you see through the clothes? And privacy? Well, rest assured, since the technology will only reach a maximum of 10 centimeters.

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