Study: 44% of Facebook users would never click on an ad

General Motors recently said that advertising on Facebook is worthwhile and does not return the advertiser, and took out a $ 10 million investment made on the social network. And, according to a study by marketing agency Greenlight, the automaker is correct: Facebook is not good for advertising.

A survey by the agency showed that 44% of Facebook users would never click on an ad link that appears on the social network. Another 31% said they “would rarely” be interested in the ad, and only 13% said they would click “regularly”, according to the CNET.

Facebook believes that charging advertising within the social network is one of the ways to profit from the service. Registered users receive advertising in a variety of ways – either in a specific part of the menu on the right or in the form of a “featured article” in the News Feed.

In addition to charging companies, the social network studies ways to profit from ordinary users. Recently, Facebook started testing a tool that allows the user to pay a small fee to highlight their post in the middle of the Friends News Feed.

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