Student automates an entire room and controls everything by gadgets and voice commands

BRAD (Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm) is a project created by the YouTube user dereklmy, student at the University of Berkeley, California (USA). The idea is simple: automate the entire bedroom to avoid any effort – like getting out of bed to turn off or turn on the light, for example.

In a clip posted on the video channel, the student demonstrates that it is possible to use everything from gadgets, such as smartphone, tablet and PC (through an application), to voice commands to perform various activities, which includes opening or closing the bedroom curtains , or light a lamp, for example.

In addition, the student has created some methods programmed for the room itself. The “Sleep Mode”, as the name says, closes the curtains and turns off the lights in the space automatically; the “Lio de Casa” leaves only the lamp of a bookcase lit to facilitate studies and reading books.

For moments of greater intimacy, there is the “Romantic” mode, which leaves only a few lights on, creating an intimate atmosphere entitled to songs by Elton John. And for those who love a mess, the “Party Mode” can be activated with a simple button, turning the place into a mini-ballad with loud sound and play of lights.

To pay for all this, the user dereklmy revealed that “a few hundred dollars” were spent, and that the construction took about three months.

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