Startup wants to save you from that hangover with magic intravenous solution

Who never drank too much at that company holiday party or that meeting between friends? The problem usually only appears the other day: the hangover! To resolve this issue, the Hangover Heaven, a company startup which promises to cure your post-binge drinking in just 45 minutes, offering medicine straight through your vein.

When that headache appears the day after the party, all you need to do is call the company number and choose between the “Salvação” packages, which cost US $ 200 (about R $ 360) or the “Redenção”, which comes out for US $ 130 (about R $ 235). Both consist of a “small intravenous dose in your arm, giving you the treatment you need to keep partying or get back to normal,” according to the startup website. There is also the “Internal Treatment”, for extreme cases of drinking, which costs US $ 500 (about R $ 900), with an additional US $ 375 (about R $ 675) per person.

All of this treatment is done on a bus (except the Inmate), which seeks and takes patients from where and where they want. After paying to enter, the person is referred to treatment. In the car, coffee and refreshments are also available, as well as tablets and headphones for entertainment. After disembarking, the headache, retching, nausea and dizziness go away.


It seems that everything is very safe, since the treatment is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the agency that controls medicines in the USA. To make everything more comfortable for the drunk, Hangover Heaven offers “pediatric intravenous doses and narcotic medicine”.

Hangover Heaven will begin its activities on April 14 this year. However, it is always good to remember and the company itself warns: “drink in moderation, high doses of alcohol can kill and Hangover Heaven cannot reverse death”!

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