South Korea opens world’s first virtual supermarket

Many users no longer leave home to shop: books, CDs, DVDs, clothing and even food can now be purchased online, with just a few clicks. However, some people still prefer to go to physical stores to check the items before placing them in the cart, even if they have to face inconveniences such as lines at the checkout, tiredness and crowded parking lots.

To solve this problem, the Tesco network and Samsung innovated by creating the Homeplus, the first supermarket in the world where the proposal offers all the products of a real establishment with a more technological touch. This is because the items are virtual, and to complete a purchase, the consumer must choose the objects up close and select those that they wish to receive at home.

According to the website AX3 Battery, Homeplus is located at the Seollung metro station (Seoul, South Korea), where more than 200 thousand people pass through daily. Each product has an identification QR code. Users select the items using the camera of their smartphones to photograph the code and, thus, send the purchases to a virtual cart of the online store, which will make the delivery at home.

The idea may seem pointless: why go to a physical store if you are not going out with the products in hand? The objective, in this case, is to make these places a meeting point and socialization among customers, since the environments add other services and are very traditional in the East to get to know and experience the news of the market.

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