Sony and Panasonic announce alliance in the television market

Sony and Panasonic, competitors in the television market, announced on Monday (25/06) a partnership in the development and production of TVs. According to Sony, the first devices can be seen on the market in 2013.The aliana will focus, especially, on large televisions with OLED technology.

According to BBC, both companies reported losses this year. Sony lost $ 5.7 billion from the TV business and Panasonic $ 9.6 billion. With the partnership, companies hope to be able to reverse this situation and achieve a prominent position in the market, currently dominated by LG and Samsung.

Analysts at Eurotechnology Japan believe that the alliance has little chance of making a profit due to the high yen, the Japanese currency. In addition, other market experts noted that Apple’s possible entry into the TV market may increase this challenge.

Sony TV Panasonic

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