Sónar music festival will be broadcast on Youtube

Sónar, a music and media arts festival that will take place in São Paulo next month, will have most of its shows broadcast live through its Youtube channel.

The exhibition will take place on May 11 and 12, festival dates. The Youtube channel will also be used to share extra content such as clips from bands and artists who will be present at the festival.

In addition to streaming, Sónar will also use Google+ to hold Hangouts between artists and the audience. On April 24th, singers will talk directly with Internet users and give exclusive live interviews. On 05/02, it is the day of DJs like Marky, Gui Boratto and Patife.

According to Federico Goldenberg, Google’s partnership manager, “the idea of ​​transmitting Sónar is to bring the whole experience of a festival that is worshiped and known for mixing high-level artists with young promises and trends in world music to a greater number of people.” He explains that such initiatives have already taken place, as in the case of Lolapalooza, Coachella and Youtube Symphony Orchestra.

Follow details on the festival page at Youtube and in Google+.

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