Smart glasses help you lose weight

Researchers at the University of Tokyo (Japan) have developed glasses that help you lose weight. According to the Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri, the largest publication in the country in the English language, the device makes food appear bigger and thus “tricks” your brain into believing that you have eaten enough.

The glasses are connected to a computer, which processes the image of the food and increases it, in real time, by up to 50%. The interesting thing is that only the food becomes bigger, while the plate, table and cutlery remain in normal size.

The equipment was tested on 12 men and women, aged 20 to 30 years. In the first test, glasses were programmed to increase food by 50% and resulted in 9.3% less food intake. In the second case, glasses reduce food by 33% and the group consumed 15% more food than normal.

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