Skype detonates Facebook and Twitter in new advertising campaign

A new flurry of Skype advertising campaigns, voice and video chat service, is blasting Facebook and Twitter. The campaign, which cost US $ 12 million (about R $ 21.5 million) and is called “ Skype time“, suggests that social networks and microblogs, especially Facebook and Twitter, are” degrading humanity “. Thus, the public should use Skype, a tool that brings people to the real world, according to the Mashable.

Phrases like “140 characters is not the same as keeping in touch”, “Upgrade a post on the wall for a first-class conversation”, “No delay in a human conversation” or “One-way tickets to humanity” will be seen in England, from April 2nd.

(“When did it become acceptable to send happy birthday SMS to your mother?”, A phrase that is also part of the Skype campaign)

However, what makes it all a little ironic is the fact that Skype uses its own “degrading” social networks to share and promote campaigns. On Twitter, for example, the company asks users to use the hashtag #timeforskype.

In addition, we must not forget the integration service between Skype and Facebook, which allows video calls to be made on the social network, and the fact that the company is also a great virtual platform.

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