Search: online media is the most used for searching for news on technology

The Internet remains the most popular medium among senior executives when looking for news about the technology industry. which shows the 2012 annual survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide, a global public relations network, in conjunction with GrupoCASA, based in So Paulo. 78% of respondents say they look for technology news from online media, up from 42% who search for news on social media.

Printed newspapers occupy the third position among the most popular media for researching news on technology, being consulted by 40% of respondents. 37% access news about technology in national newspapers. One third access the news through research.

“Although online media is the main channel for technological news, print media has remained remarkably strong”, comments Sandra Sinicco, from GrupoCASA. The Eurocom Worldwide survey reveals that almost 70% of respondents read some print newspaper about the technology industry at least once a month, while 40% do so at least once a week.

“The challenge of online media, whether on technology or news in general, remains to turn the number of accesses into cash,” comments Mads Christensen, managing director of Eurocom Worldwide. “Evidence from our member agencies around the world suggests that both Internet and print media journalists are having to work and produce more with fewer resources.”

According to the survey, 83% of respondents access digital news via notebooks, in contrast to the 27% who use desktops. 61% access the news by cell phone and, compared to last year’s survey, the number of people who use tablets to read news almost doubled (from 16% to 30%). the first time tablets overtook desktops in search.

“The improvement in the reading of tablets coupled with its rapid growth may encourage the subscription of content by new users. However, it is still not certain that publications specific to tablets will be more popular than those in the print media”, adds Sandra Sinicco, from GrupoCASA.

The research on technology trust, carried out by Eurocom Worldwide, was carried out over the internet by Eurocom Worldwide member agencies between January and February 2012. In total, there were 318 responses, of which about 80% came from Europe and 11 % of the American continent.

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