Search: In online advertising, display is worth more than click

A survey by comScore, in partnership with Pretarget, points out that visibility and display time are more important for advertisements than the simple click of your mouse. To reach this conclusion, 263 million impressions from different advertisers were analyzed during 9 months.
The search takes into account the relationship of these factors with so-called conversions, that is, when the user arrives to make a purchase or makes a request for information about the product. The study showed that the clicks given in the advertisements are ineffective in these cases.

The companies say that advertisers should “quit clicks and look for more meaningful metrics to evaluate their campaign performance”. This is because the most visible ads and also the interactive ones generated growth of 5% to 15% in conversions in some companies.

The study also reveals important and curious data about advertisements placed below the “fold”, that is, those in which the user needs to scroll down the display bar. This type of ad is about 6.7 times more effective in generating conversions. To access the full study, click here.

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