Science: discover the time of day when you are most creative

Everyone has a special moment of the day when they feel most willing and creative. And some studies, published by the website Life Hacker, claim that it is possible to identify them.

According to the website, creativity was ignored by science until the 1950s, when the American Psychological Association JP Guilford suggested that the topic would be worth some studies. Since then, science has created some theories about the times when we are most creative.

One of them suggests that creativity gets waterier when we are sleepy and tired. Yes! Research shows that our brain generates more creative solutions to problems when we have that feeling of ease. For some, it happens in the morning, for others in the afternoon or at night. Obviously, the study states that each organism has an individual characteristic, so the ideal is to pay attention to these three moments and try to identify yours.

Another research believes that alcohol exploits the creativity of human beings. The idea is the same as the previous theory: when you allow your brain to relax, you can get more creative answers. In other words, this feeling of drowsiness, caused by drinking and tiredness, makes your mind lighter and, consequently, more creative.

In the same vein, a theory states that the brain continues to look for creative solutions when you go to sleep with a head problem. The study also says that creativity goes into action if, when you wake up, you return to the subject.

The opposite has also been found to be effective. The practice of physical exercise can help when the subject of creativity is high. The theory states that when you focus on your body, you free your mind to generate ideas.

Another research found that when creativity is related to a routine, it tends to appear at the right time. Basically, the study suggests that if you are an organized person, who always draws up to-do lists and follows your schedule, you can “decide” when to be creative. Thus, the first tip to be able to generate our own moment of creativity: be organized.

Another tip is to create a spreadsheet where you can mark the moments and days when you were more creative. So, you can begin to identify how your brain works and what times you can count on your imagination. One suggestion: use apps that allow you to insert comments in each time range of the day, so you will have even more precision. O “Rescue Time“helps you find out how you have been using your time and even creates graphs with that information.

Google Doc’s Revision History is also a great ally in this investigation of creativity. Accessing the service, you click on the file you want to search, access “File” and then “Revision History”. There you can see all the biggest changes you made to a document and see when you created the file most successfully.

A simple suggestion that also works well is to note the time in which you had an idea. Write it down on a notepad or post it and put the exact time. Over time, analyze the “eurekas” and try to identify at what time of the day you were most prone to creativity. The app for iOS and Android, called “Moment Diary”, ideal for that.

Creativity can be quite irregular. But with the tips above, you can start to understand how yours works. Whether it’s a morning run, an afternoon nap, or a binge with friends, everyone has a right time to create and solve problems that sometimes seem impossible.

Do you have any tips for “finding” your creativity? Do you know any trick to bring out your imagination? Share with us in the comments below.

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