Russia confirms existence of weapon that turns people into zombies

Do you believe in zombies? At the? So get ready for the following news: according to the newspaper Herald Sun, Russia would be testing a psychotropic weapon capable of controlling people’s minds. The statement was made by the country’s president, Vladimir Putin.

The futuristic weapon, which targets the central nervous system of victims, is being developed by scientists and could be used against enemy nations and even political dissidents facing the current government.

Putin described the weapon as a new instrument that can serve to achieve political and strategic goals. Even some details of the “mind controller” have been released. What is known is that, for example, it releases electromagnetic radiation in a similar way to microwave ovens, causing great discomfort in its victims.

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that, in recent tests, the weapon was used to disperse crowds. According to reports, the person who received the radiation from the gun felt that the body temperature rose rapidly. Although some operating secrets have not been released, the newspaper claims to know the fact that low frequency waves can affect brain cells, alter the psychological state and even transmit suggestions and commands to someone’s thinking, as if it were telepathy. .

Perhaps, from now on, you’d better think very carefully about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. It remains to be seen whether they will be the famous brain-eaters, portrayed constantly on cinema screens.


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