Rovio announces space version of Angry Birds for March

Apparently, the sky is the limit for Finnish Rovio, the company responsible for the game Angry Birds. The developer barely launched the application for Facebook earlier this week and is already announcing more news: a spatial version of the game of the most nervous birds in the virtual world.

According to the VentureBeat, the new cartoon adventure will have several different characters, and science and physics will be key factors for players to be able to guide birds, pigs and other animals. The game will have several gameplay elements, including slow-motion scenes, destruction of obstacles in the speed of light and much more.

Angry Birds Space, as it was called, will be launched on March 22.

With more than 700 million downloads of the game worldwide, Angry Birds has guaranteed a success story for mobile phones for the past two years. Now, recently launched also for Facebook, the application has been growing so fast that toys, t-shirts and other products continue to appear in stores around the world. And that is just the beginning, as Peter Vesterbacka, director of marketing for Rovio, plans to build an “integrated entertainment franchise” similar to Disney.

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