Researchers create software that identifies sarcasm in texts on the internet

For those who were tired of jokes on the internet, a team of researchers at the Hebrew University in Israel created a practical and very useful solution: a computer program capable of recognizing sarcasm in sentences written on the web.

According to the PDF file released by the team of scientists, the algorithm received the name of SASI (acronym for “semi-supervised algorithm for identifying sarcasm”, in English). It has already been tested on Twitter and also with 66,000 product reviews from Amazon’s online store, where it managed to accurately identify 77% of users’ sarcastic reviews on some items.

Also according to the document, SASI is not just for pointing out funny phrases. It can be very efficient in generating personalized content on social networks and online stores. If an Internet user has a negative opinion about a certain item in an online service, for example, instead of displaying the full comment, the site can filter it to find sarcasm and replace it with a simple “not approved” symbol.

Another advantage of this type of software is the ability to search for tools on the web to measure – through tweets, Facebook messages and other pages of constant interaction – people’s opinions regarding a certain product, idea or important event. In addition, the program can help users create better personalized content, as well as specific recommendations and advertisements according to the taste of each individual.

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